Gentoo – XBMC

This page describes how to install and configure XBMC on Gentoo, this install has been carried out on a Dell Inspiron 6400 so the hardware is quite generic. I have also installed the x86 version of Gentoo, I find it is just easier when it comes to compatibility.

The first step is to download a Gentoo Live CD of your choice. Then run through the instructions within the Gentoo Handbook.

I have listed the settings that I used as I went through the handbook.

Gentoo Installation

Once Gentoo is installed and running correctly we need to do some preliminary setup to get it ready for the XBMC install.

Gentoo XBMC Pre-Setup

Now that Gentoo is ready we can install XBMC.

Gentoo XBMC Installation

Once XBMC is running we can now do some final setup to get XBMC booting automatically on startup.

Gentoo XBMC Post-Setup


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